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Dear, WotC, I know you won’t be listening to me, but…

I like Midweek Magic. It’s one of the saving graces of Arena. If you are not familiar with it, it’s a weekly event that runs from Tuesday to Thursday, roughly, depending on which part of the world you are in, with rotating formats. One week you have Pauper, another you can have Phantom Sealed. They are generally accessible and different. You get to let go of the usual boring formats flex your deckbuilding muscles. It’s also something they seem to use to test certain formats every once in a while before making them public.

But then there’s Midweek Magic’s like this week, when it’s MKM Constructed. Okay, so, I don’t actually mind the format. What I do mind is the insidious nature of the format regarding using wildcards. In order to make a deck for such a format, you, of course, need enough cards from that set. If you don’t draft actively, you won’t have many, because the new rotation doesn’t really encourage you to get the new cards, when so much of the power in the format is still in cards from sets from two years ago, like The Wandering Emperor. So, they are encouraging you to get cards that you will only need for a few days. And to make it worse, they dis this very soon after the release, so people haven’t had the time to collect that many cards from the set either.

They used to give access to the whole card pool in some cases, but apparently that wasn’t greedy enough, so I don’t remember seeing that happen lately, except for the Phantom Sealed or Draft events.

I mean, they must have data on who actually plays Midweek Magic. It can’t be just people like me, who still hope that the game could deliver on it’s promise like it used to. Every time there’s a format where you can play starter decks, I run into those, so there must be people, who are just learning the ropes playing those formats as well.

I would hope those events are inclusive. Anyone could do it. They could represent the multitudes Magic can hold instead of the greed certain people within the company. Magic is not a game. It’s a framework on which you can build games and Midweek Magic could be a great example of this… but I don’t want to buy random rares just to use them for a couple of days and never need them again.

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