World of Dungeons: The Teachings of a Drunken Oneshot


We had a Chrismas party a week ago. Instead of board games, I said I could run World of Dungeons. It’s an ultralight hack of Dungeon World which I hadn’t run it before, so we took it on a spin. Because nobody believed that we could play entirely sober, I decided on a full improv session. It degenerated slowly, but inevitably—and undeniably gloriously—into player vs. player mayhem, which surprised me very little. Despite my mistakes as a drunken GM, we had a whole lot of fun, and I learned a few important lessons. These are my notes from the GM’s standpoint. Continue reading

Me and Clyde Martin

I was watching Grand Prix Cincinnatti coverage. I got in pretty late, because of reasons, so I started watching from the quarterfinals and since it was very late in Finland, I only watched through semifinals. Besides the only interesting Esper Control game ever (where Brad Nelson had pretty much the greatest comeback of all time), I saw this old guy playing a version of my current deck, which I’ve been calling Suicide King.

Its when I heard his story being told by the coverage team when this became very interesting to me.

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