Sometimes You Draft Packs, Sometimes the Pack Draft You

Nothing really notable here, just a fun draft I had. Spoiler: Tromokratis.

So, earlier this week I decided to do an online draft. The first pack was a bit lackluster overall, although I bet some people would be really into the Ephara’s Enlightenment, but nothing here was really something I wanted to pick up. So, I decided to go with Fated Infatuation, although it puts me a little bit too much into blue, because of the triple colored requirement.

Pack 1 pick 1:

Griffin DreamfinderNyxborn EidolonCharging BadgerPharagax GiantImpetuous Sunchaser
Pheres-Band TromperDeepwater HypnotistCrypsisReckless RevelerGrisly Transformation
Ephara’s EnlightenmentPillar of WarGod-Favored GeneralFated InfatuationPlains

Then someone passed me the Tromokratis. Sure its pretty slow for draft, even if it would be a bomb in sealed. There’s plenty of good cards here, but I can’t really know what was picked up here before the kraken.

Pack 1 pick 2:

Epiphany StormHold at BayMarshmist TitanNyxborn WolfFloodtide Serpent
Rise to the ChallengeMortal’s ResolveDivinationClaim of ErebosUnravel the
TherVortex ElementalSunbondTromokratisSwamp

Now things were becoming interesting. Its almost the same cards as before. Even another Kraken.

Pack 1 pick 3:

Epiphany StormHold at BayNyxborn WolfFloodtide SerpentRise to the Challenge
Mortal’s ResolveDivinationClaim of ErebosAkroan ConscriptorVanguard of Brimaz
Drown in SorrowTromokratisIsland

So, this was actually on April Fool’s, so I was becoming a bit wary. Still, couldn’t pass on the Whelming Wave at this point. We were all in.

Pack 1 pick 4:

Scouring SandsChorus of the TidesFelhide BrawlerGriffin DreamfinderEye Gouge
Karametra’s FavorStratus WalkPheres-Band TromperSatyr Nyx-SmithNoble Quarry
Whelming WaveSwamp

Blue was going very well after this. I got Sudden Storm, Nyxborn Triton, Chorus of the Tides, and later on Crypsis and Divination. A very good start.

Then the second pack. Not as flashy as the first one, but very good nonetheless.

Pack 2 pick 1:

Pheres-Band CentaursDivine VerdictGuardians of MeletisRead the BonesThassa’s Bounty
Lost in a LabyrinthAgent of HorizonsHammer of PurphorosSavage SurgeOpaline Unicorn
Keepsake GorgonBattlewise HopliteInsatiable HarpyPrognostic SphinxMountain

Pack 2 pick 2:

Mnemonic WallViper’s KissLightning StrikeTwo-Headed CerberusAqueous Form
Silent ArtisanBlood-Toll HarpyWingsteed RiderVoyage’s EndAkroan Crusader
Hunt the HunterTriton TacticsAnthousa, Setessan HeroSwamp

And the third pack started very well too.

Pack 3 pick 1:

Lash of the WhipMinotaur SkullcleaverChosen by HeliodPriest of IroasFade into Antiquity
Returned CentaurGriptideCommune with the GodsSetessan Battle PriestDeathbellow Raider
Akroan HopliteRescue from the UnderworldErebos’s EmissaryAnger of the GodsIsland

Pack 3 pick 2:

Fleetfeather SandalsDemolishEphara’s WardenFeral InvocationReturned Centaur
Hopeful EidolonFate ForetoldVoyage’s EndAkroan CrusaderOrdeal of Heliod
Centaur BattlemasterWarriors’ LessonSteam AuguryPlains

Pack 3 pick 3:

Gray Merchant of AsphodelDivine VerdictSip of HemlockBlood-Toll HarpyBreaching Hippocamp
Aqueous FormSpearpoint OreadWavecrash TritonCavern LampadFlamecast Wheel
Shipwreck SingerTitan of Eternal FireSwamp

Pack 3 pick 4:

Lash of the WhipChosen by HeliodCoastline ChimeraPharika’s CureDefend the Hearth
Priest of IroasScholar of AthreosDisciple of PhenaxDissolveBurnished Hart
Witches’ EyeIsland

Pack 3 pick 5:

Viper’s KissDragon MantleOmenspeakerLast BreathUnknown Shores
Crackling TritonCommune with the GodsOpaline UnicornRay of DissolutionKarametra’s Acolyte

Pack 3 pick 6:

Pheres-Band CentaursTraveling PhilosopherAqueous FormSilent ArtisanBlood-Toll Harpy
Ray of DissolutionVanquish the FoulSealock MonsterEvangel of HeliodMountain

And the deck I ended up with:

I would board in Stymied Hopes or Breaching Hippocamp against certain decks, but otherwise I was very happy with this deck. The landcount was somewhat low, but there’s so much card drawing and scrying in the deck, I was mostly very happy with the amount of lands I drew. In the first game of the finals, I had double Prognostic Sphinxes (with Fated Infatuation on the board and was able to totally control my draws.

What I did find interesting was the way I ended up so heavily in blue and of course the double ‘Kratis in the beginnning. I can’t imagine what the guy on my right was thinking after seeing those three cards. After the first pack, I didn’t really have to make very deep decisions, because the blue was so open and I got everything I wanted. I would have liked another Omenspeaker, but can’t blame the packs for that. They were just so kind to me. Sometimes its fun to have the draft go this way, but on the other hand, a bit of a challenge would be nice too. Gladly, mostly its pretty challenging.

In the end I went 2-1. I just couldn’t keep up with a very aggressive deck in the finals, even though I thought I was prepared for those. The problem was that he didn’t rely very much on enchantments, so Voyage’s End and its kind were not as powerful as they would otherwise be.

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