Inspiration Snowball

This post will not be about finding inspiration. It will however be about the current state of my inspiration. 

Some time ago I started a new Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (2nd edition) campaign. All went well and we had a blast at the first time. Then we were looking for the second session and hit some bumbs while picking the date. Nothing too big on its own. But at the same time we had major issues with the security of our domain being breached. The only major outcome of this was the we lost our wiki.

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Lauri’s New Year’s Resolutions

I might begin with quoting Aki’s post about resolutions. But screw that. I’m cutting (almost) straight into the good stuff.

Role-Playing Games: Finishing What I’ve Started

I’ll finish writing Wayward Sons and write the finale to the Master of Shadows-campaign for Liber Fanatica. The AWhack is more likely to happen but I am still so ashamed that I haven’t written the last part of this WFRP campaign that I just have to do it.

Role-Playing Games: RopeCon to the Max

This year’s Ropecon was more or less lost to me but next year I’ll GM something and try to participate at least into three sessions.

Role-Playing Games: More is more

I’ll be running too campaigns next year and I promise to keep them both afloat. I’ll try to catch as many games as I can, which should be relatively easy if Aki keeps his promise to run more games. This might mean that I’ll have to sacrifice some time from EDH but that’s no big deal. I think I’ll get enough of that once summer comes.

This Blog: More Everything

I’m constantly harassing Aki to use more images and others from our gaming group to write something. I will promise to write more by myself next year. I wont promise that I will write more than Aki. I can try to write at last half as much as him.

That is a lot of writing. And mostly in English. Therefor I promise to write something in Finnish too. It has been too long since I’ve done that.