Inspiration Snowball

This post will not be about finding inspiration. It will however be about the current state of my inspiration. 

Some time ago I started a new Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (2nd edition) campaign. All went well and we had a blast at the first time. Then we were looking for the second session and hit some bumbs while picking the date. Nothing too big on its own. But at the same time we had major issues with the security of our domain being breached. The only major outcome of this was the we lost our wiki.

I had been updating the guild wiki for years. It withhold six years of WFRP campaign info. So when the wiki was gone I had only my hazy memory to work with. I could not use the vast amount of information I had collected of our Old World anymore. Now on the other hand I understand that this is not a big deal. I could start over, get past it or even begin “a different timeline” so to speak. But the damage to my vision of the campaign had already happened.

Such a minor thing like losing the background did affect the whole idea how I ran games. Namely Warhammer. I have done it in a way that I incorporate as much previously established facts as possible. Now I simply cannot do it. I do understand that it my game and I am willing to consider running Warhammer again but for that campaign it was a death stroke. I didn’t even realize it before noticing I haven’t been painting minis in a while. I painted them for this campaign and found the inspiration now gone.

On the other hand now that I do not have two campaign running at the same time or minis to be painted I have been able to focus my energy for my Apocalypse World hack. I have done a lot of re-writing previous rules according to our experiences from playing the hack. And as opposed to loosing inspiration after working on something for a while I now realize I am even more invested in this than I was at the beginning. We even had a whole day photo-shoot for the art of the hack!

Now that I have actually let myself to announce we are not getting back on this WFRP campaign (at least in this form and in some time) I have found new energy for other things as well. We even started a new writing challenge at our forum (and that one goes to fulfill one my New Year’s Resolutions).

It has been too long since I blogged anything so this rant of my personal stuff also goes to show that when you find the inspiration it will help you to get things moving!

As an end note I would also like to add one minor (and silly) detail of inspiration within our guild – I started a “Shitty Middle-Ages”-topic a year ago. It is a d1000 random effect table for shit that happens at the middle-ages. And it’s still going (we are currently at 418). And yes. It’s very montypythonish.

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