The Guild RPG Quiz 2017

I was meant to publish this ages ago, early summer actually, right after we had our annual meeting, where myself and Lauri presented this. As per the Guild custom, the evidence of that was burned immediately (so no-one could contest the results), but as I recall, the best score was around 6.5, so that’s your goal.

This is an annual thing. This year me and Lauri did this, because we won last year. The winners of this one will do it next year and so on. I think this was the hardest thusfar. Probably because I have a tendency second-guess my choices and go for the harder ones. I am somewhat disappointed

Note that while these are in English, some of these are quite Finland-centric and some other questions are about games that were published in Finnish at some point and were thus popular here, while not necessarily as popular elsewhere.

Part 1 (1 point for each right answer)

1. When Blizzard managed to trademark the name Heroes of the Storm, under which name was the new English edition of ‘Myrskyn sankarit’ published?

2. In which year was the first edition of Cyberpunk set?

3. Who was the first honorary guest at Ropecon?

4. Vampire: the Masquerade received a soundtrack when it was in the height of it’s popularity. What was the name of that CD? (A bonus point, if you can name even one of the bands.)

5. Which roleplaying game received a movie in 2008, which was starred by Thomas Jane, Ron Pearlman and Devon Aoki?

6. Which company is releasing the fourth edition of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay this year?

7. Vin Diesel is known as a fan of D&D. Which two of his fellow actors he wrangled in to play with him during breaks in a movie shoot?

8. Which religious group Gary Gygax had to leave because of RPGs?

Part 2 (2 points for the right answer, -1 for the wrong one)

9. GURPS Cyberpunk includes a credit for ‘unsolicited comments’. Who was it directed at?

10. White Wolf had a theme for each year between 1996 and 2004. What was the very first one?

11. Which IP of Palladium Books had it’s movie rights sold?

12. The original Advanced Dungeons & Dragons’s Player’s Handbook had six Base Classes. Four of them were the classic Cleric, Thief, Fighter and Magic-user. What were the other two?

13. How many stores does Fantasiapelit currently have?

14. What did the acronym TSR stand for?

Part 3 (1 point for each right answer and -1 for each wrong one)

Only one question here:

15. What games does Pat Pulling list as popular alternatives for D&D in her book The Devil’s Web: Who Is Stalking Your Children For Satan?


1. Age of the Tempest

2. 2013

3. Steve Jackson

4. Music from the Succubus Club, which is a location in the example setting. Wikipedia has an article on it, where you can see the full track list with the bands

5. Mutant Chronicles, which is the only other RPG movie besides the D&D movies we could find

6. Cubicle 7

7. Karl Urban and Dame Judy Dench. This was during the filming of Chronicles of Riddick. This is, again, what we could find. There might have been others.

8. Jehova’s Witnesses, although his drug use might have played a part in this.

9. The United States Secret Service. If you don’t know the history of this, you really should read up on it. Short version: SJG computers were confiscated, because it was thought the book was a guide for cyberterrorism.

10. Year of the Hunter

11. Rifts

12. Bard and Monk

13. Seven. Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Oulu, Jyväskylä, Joensuu, Kuopio

14. Tactical Studies Rules

15. This is a difficult one, especially since these are not all role-playing games. Some are boardgames, some are simply expansions and Melee & Wizard is actually two distinct games, which can be played together.

‘Tunnels & Trolls’, ‘The Arduin Grimoire’, ‘Runequest’, ‘Empire of the Petal Throne’, ‘Nuclear Escalation’, ‘Traveller’, ‘Boot Hill’, ‘Demons’, ‘The Court of Ardor’, ‘Melee & Wizard’, ‘Metamorphosis Alpha’, and ‘Gamma World’

You can also see she didn’t really research the subject very well. If you don’t know who Pat Pulling is, you really should read this.

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