Battle for Zendikar Brews, pt. 3 – Smothering Abomination

Admittedly I’m not getting the same kind of inspiration from this set as I get from other sets, but I do have some ideas. Here’s one. [scryfall]Smother Abomination[/scryfall] is a bomb.


[scryfall]Forerunner of Slaughter[/scryfall] is probably pretty good too.

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This Week in Magic

I usually do not post about Magic the Gathering. Mainly because Aki posts about it. A Lot. And I rarely have anything interesting or worthwhile to say. This week however was a bit different. I had a small vacation (since my son was with his grandparents and my wife was working). So what could I do? Turns out – nothing much but play through various different types of MtG. So this will be my random rambling about different formats.

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