EDH Deck Time: Baral, Chief of Compliance

A word of caution here: This guy is going to be hated. He’s not actually that powerful in EDH, because countering isn’t that fruitful, but both of his abilities are still good.

Just understand that even though this might not work out very well, blue is often a feel-bad color for others and others will see you as the big target in the game just because they dislike being countered, even though many other spells are much more effective answers in this particular format.

With that in mind, how can we abuse this guy? My first instinct would be just to put him into a Talrand deck and be done with it, but since we’re here…. So, we need plenty of permission spells and effects. The latter would be nice, because repeatable effects would let you loot more, but there aren’t that many good ones (for a very good reason).

Here’s some repeatable effects:

ForbidSpell BurstBrine SeerCounterbalanceChalice of the Void
Decree of SilenceDisciple of the RingDouseControvertErtai, Wizard Adept
Glen Elendra ArchmageHisoka, Minamo SenseiKira, Great Glass-SpinnerKozilek, the Great DistortionLullmage Mentor
Nullstone GargoyleStronghold BiologistStronghold Machinist

There are more, but I wouldn’t even play all of these.

Then, of course, we have actual counters:

CounterspellArcane DenialDissipateDissolveVoid Shatter
NegateExcludeRemove SoulEssence ScatterExclude
Cryptic CommandDesertionFaerie TrickeryDisappearing ActDisdainful Stroke
DismissDispelDraining WhelkDream FractureFaerie Trickery
Familiar’s RuseFervent DenialHinderSpell CrumpleMystic Confluence
Overwhelming IntellectScatter to the WindsSpelljackSwan Song

Again, we aren’t going to play all of those, but at this point, I’m just looking at options.

Since we are putting cards into the graveyard, we might as well try to use those to our advantage, mostly through Flashback and Delve.

Snapcaster MageTorrential GearhulkDeep AnalysisDig Through TimeTreasure Cruise
Temporal Trespass

Okay, not many options there.

In order to abuse the first ability, we’ll need a bunch of instants and sorceries that can be affected by the cost reduction, such as…

AetherizeAnticipateImpulseCapsizeInto the Roil
ClockspinningCurse of the SwineCyclonic RiftDay’s UndoingWindfall
DisplaceGhostly FlickerDisplacement WaveEngulf the ShoreEpiphany at the Drownyard
Fact or FictionLat-Nam’s LegacyMerchant ScrollMystic SpeculationOvinize
Paradoxical OutcomePeel from RealityPieces of the PuzzlePolymorphist’s JestRapid Hybridization
Reality ShiftReins of PowerRepulseRite of ReplicationSquelch
Startled AwakeTalent of the TelepathTelling TimeVisions of BeyondWash Out
Welcome to the FoldEvacuation

Finally, we need to win somehow, so some bodies for the deck, that happen to care about instants and sorceries, or can counter spells.

ArchaeomancerMnemonic WallAugur of BolasDocent of PerfectionEcho Mage
Lunar MysticCurious HomunculusGuileTalrand, Sky SummonerRiver Kelpie
Kheru SpellsnatcherStratus DancerSurrakar SpellbladeThing in the Ice

This is a hard one. This deck is going to be fun to play for a certain kind of player, but its not going to be very good. Still, there’s a lot of play there. So, I decided to go with this list:

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