Standard Rotation 2013, part 3.1

So, yesterday I did worse at a Modern FNM than I’ve done ever before. I went 0-4. My tournament history might not be very storied for a reason, but I’ve never went 0-X before. Not even when I went to my first draft back in the day not knowing anything about the format, or when I bought an Event Deck and went to a standard tournament with it (actually, it worked pretty well, I tried both RtR Event Decks and went 2-2 with both).

Well, I guess Modern isn’t my thing. Too many decks with little interaction. Not for me.

So, not be deterred, I decided to just focus on Standard (although I doubt this decision will last). Of the decklists I showed yesterday, I feel I like the [card Thassa, God of the Sea]Thassa[/scryfall] one most. Its not necessarily a choice based on actual playability, but rather I’d just like to try out a monoblue deck.

But, I’ve done some math since than. (Hooray?) Currently, the deck has 28 manasymbols, which can contribute to the Devotion. I’m not sure that’s enough. I need five on board (although Thassa is pretty good without being a creature), so I need to draw about 10 cards to be able to make her a creature. This isn’t hard, since that only means four turns on the play, but that also requires me to be able to keep those permanents in play. Also, some of the permanents are legendary and I won’t be able to keep more than one in play.

Therefore, we need to make a lot of changes to the deck. Some are easy. I want some card advantage. I had a couple of [card Opportunity]Opportunities[/scryfall] in the deck, but why not have [scryfall]Jace, Memory Adept[/scryfall] or [scryfall]Jace, Architect of Thought[/scryfall] instead. Its card advantage plus Devotion. I don’t really like [scryfall]Claustrophobia[/scryfall] since it keeps the gods in play and thus their abilities still work. Also, a god can be dismissed with another due to the new legendary rule, thus costing me two Devotion.

I would probably have to lose most of the instants and sorceries in the main deck. However, I think the deck would suck against most control, even if I would get to scry every upkeep. So, maybe I could make a transformative sideboard.

For those not familiar with the term, it means that you change your strategy completely by sideboarding. Lets say your opponent saw no creatures in game one. What does he do? He takes out removal, which lets you bring your creatures from the sideboard.

In this case, I’m thinking putting Thassa and her cohorts into the sideboard and bringing in [scryfall]Aetherling[/scryfall] and a bunch of disruption in the form of counters and some bouncespells. That might work.

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