EDH Deck Time: Nethroi + Umori

Nethroi, Apex of DeathUmori, the Collector

Just making this more complicated for myself by including Umori in all this, but why not? The format is supposed to be about fun, right? Also, I don’t really play white, because of reasons (it’s my least favorite color, which lead me into not really investing in white cards, which has saved me a lot of money over the years), so this is going to be Golgari despite Nethroi’s color identity. I’m not going to stay away from free white sources, so technically you can cast Nethroi without mutating, but that is not the plan.

Only creatures and lands. Not the first time I’ve done this, actually, but now we have a new angle: creatures with low (printed) power are going to be just that much better. So, let’s abuse that for all we can.

I also just threw in a bunch of mutating creatures for the hell of it. For that reason, there aren’t many humans, although there are some. What I don’t like about this deck is that it does not have that many manasinks, meaning that the ramp is not that useful overall. My addition of a bunch of discard doesn’t really either, because that often just means that all parties will just sit there nothing, which isn’t really that much fun, but on the other hand, those creatures often have a very low power, so their inclusion with Nethroi is justified despite the loss of enjoyment.

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