Battle for Zendikar Brews, pt. 5 – Wb Swarm

Sam Black was playing a monowhite deck during the Standard portion of this year’s World Championships. It was largely based on a deck played by the famous White Weenie afficionado (this may be the first time I’ve ever used that word) Craig Wescoe, which in turn was based on a monowhite tokens deck played by some lesser known player. (Sorry, I forgot your name and TCGPlayer is down, so I can’t go and check either.)

Most of the card will survive the rotation, but I thought maybe I’d like to bring in black anyhow. Just as a splash, though.

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[Dungeon World] Changing of Plans

use-with-dw-OnLightSome time ago I wrote¬†about my ideas of creating the fronts for Dungeon World. Since then we have managed to squeeze in only one gaming session but still it inspired me to talk more about the fronts. As the game went on I knew that I had to get creative of how I interpret my plans. So this time I’m going to share my ideas about how to let the Fronts live with the game.

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Deck Types: Aggro

There’s an old article from last millenium by Mike Flores called Who’s the Beatdown?, which is still available on Its about assignment of who is the beatdown and who is the control and what can result from not understanding this.

What I’m talking about today, are the decks that want to be the beatdown in most situations.

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