Rivals of Ixalan Brews, pt. 3 – Big Red

Big Red has always been one of my favorite archetypes. Ben Stark already showed us that it’s possible, but now we have new tools. The two that feels the best are [scryfall]Etali, Primal Storm[/scryfall] and [scryfall]Dire Fleet Daredevil[/scryfall]. There’s also, possibly, [scryfall]Rekindling Phoenix[/scryfall], if the metagame is right.

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Amonkhet Brews, pt. 6 – Big Red

As one of my favorite archetypes, I do have a tendency to try to make Big Red work during each Standard. There’s a couple of good cards that might make it viable:

Well, there’s a chance the BG decks will rise again, which would mean that red would be pretty bad again, as it can’t handle most of the bigger creatures, and [scryfall]Goblin Dark-Dwellers[/scryfall] might just be better than [scryfall]Glorybringer[/scryfall] anyhow, but that depends on the meta.

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Brewing with Forgotten Cards

When a set comes out, I have a habit of getting sets of cards I think have potential. These cards generally do something kind of unique within the format and I could see them being used somewhere. Than, they just sort of fizzle out, because they don’t fit into the decks they could go into, because they compete for spots on the curve with stronger cards and they don’t really fit into the format because of [scryfall]Siege Rhino[/scryfall]. You wouldn’t believe how many of these fell through for that very reason.. Sigh.

… but hey, brewing is fun, so I made a list of cards I wanted to highlight and brew with. I’m not going to brew with all of them, but I’ll still list all of them.

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