Brewing with Forgotten Cards

When a set comes out, I have a habit of getting sets of cards I think have potential. These cards generally do something kind of unique within the format and I could see them being used somewhere. Than, they just sort of fizzle out, because they don’t fit into the decks they could go into, because they compete for spots on the curve with stronger cards and they don’t really fit into the format because of Siege Rhino. You wouldn’t believe how many of these fell through for that very reason.. Sigh.

… but hey, brewing is fun, so I made a list of cards I wanted to highlight and brew with. I’m not going to brew with all of them, but I’ll still list all of them.

The cards I listed when researching this:

Gideon’s PhalanxDust StalkerJeskai SageJeskai ElderFoul Renewal
Archfiend of DepravityPitiless HordeVaultbreakerHowl of the HordeDragon Whisperer
Ire ShamanShaman of the Great HuntHooded Hydra

Some have seen some play. Logan Mize had a full set of Pitiless Hordes in his Abzan deck recently. In the same tournament, Tom Ross had a singleton Vaultbreaker in his Atarka Red’s sideboard. Raphael Levy played a full set of Ire Shamans in his mostly Big Red deck that splashed for some black removal. So, these aren’t totally unused cards in high level play, but not as visibly as most cards.

I did manage to sneak in some OGW-cards, too, so its kind of topical.

Blue Tempo

Well, mostly blue. Jori En, Ruin Diver would be great in this deck, but I couldn’t be bothered to figure out how to the mana to work.

Its a bit low on lands, but you just have to make those cantrips work for you. I think there’s actually a good blue tempo deck somewhere out there. I’m not sure this is it, because it would require someone with more time than me to go through the testing process.

Big Red

Two ways to go here. We could either be splashing for black or for green. I actually do think Ire Shaman could be better than Abbot of Keral Keep under the right circumstances.

The Smoldering Marsh is there for the sideboard. You can bring in something like Radiant Flames and get the full value, if you want it. You can play all those lands with no problem, because

Well, that went very differently then I initially thought it would.

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