The RPG Quiz – Abandoned Questions

There’s two things at work here.

First, the Guild has an annual (sort of) tradition, where during our annual (mostly) meeting we have a quiz on roleplaying games. Its generally played in two person teams and whichever team wins the quiz, gets to or has to do it next year. This year Lauri and I won.

Second, in order to become an MtG judge, you need to do practice tests before taking the real one. The questions in these practice tests are the questions that weren’t good enough to make it into the real test.

So, based on that, here’s some questions I made that I didn’t think I really wanted to use in the final quiz. I’m way ahead on schedule on this and the real quiz will happen next may (probably), but I was inspired to do these quite early, so you’ll get to enjoy these now. Maybe (if I remember) you’ll get the real quiz to ponder over.

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