Dragons of Tarkir Brews, pt. 2 – White Weenie

As one of the mainstay archetypes in the game, White Weenie always seems to be around… Except that right now it isn’t. Sure, there’s BW-Warriors deck out there, but its not quite the same. The problem is that there aren’t usable two drops out there. Sure, there are two-drops such as Seeker of the Way, but you don’t necessarily want that for your weenie deck, which is going to be full of creatures.

Thankfully, Dragons of Tarkir brings us a couple of good ones. And I have a plan…

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Dragons of Tarkir Brews, pt. 1 – Monoblue Devotion

Wizards seems to always do this: There are decks that are really strong for a season. Then, after rotation, these decks are taken apart. They lose a number of key cards. But then, after a couple of sets, when rotation is once again closing in, they give those decks a second window.

In this case, Monoblue Devotion is getting a few minor improvements and one huge jump ahead.

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