Dragons of Tarkir Brews, pt. 4 – UG Value

They are clearly pushing morphs, or megamorphs. Why not try to do something with them?

We have at least these:


Not sure if I’d want to use the Qarsi Deceiver, but it might be a good addition. Were still probably better off with Elvish Mystic.

What else do we have?

Icefeather AvenMistfire WeaverPine WalkerRattleclaw MysticSagu Mauler
Temur ChargerThousand WindsKheru Spellsnatcher

Also usable might be all those cards that let us manifest, such as:

WildcallWrite into BeingCloudformWhisperwood ElementalJeskai Infiltrator

Ok, so maybe I’m pushing it just a little here…

Then there’s Secret Plans and Trail of Mystery, and why not Mastery of the Unseen and several good white megamorphs, but right now I’m going with Simic rather than Bant, espcially because the mana would be a bit awkward. (Does anyone like the name ‘Bant’?)

The key to this kind of deck is that your opponent doesn’t really know what’s going on. Information is very valuable in this game. Of course, these thing are also way too slow most of the time, so you’ll be behind for much of the game, but you can also put some pressure on your opponent with your cheap fliers. Wildcall can be a good way to pressure your opponent early, but can also work in the late game due to its flexibility.

How about this?

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