Dragons of Tarkir Brews, pt. 3 – GW Aggro

What’s the most expensive card besides the planeswalkers in Dragons of Tarkir right now? As of this writing (according to MagicCardMarket) its this thing:


Beating seven mythics thusfar in the MCM database from the set.

I’m guessing people have some idea on what they want to do with the card. I don’t know what they are thinking about, because its clearly a format where cards like Siege Rhino and Whisperwood Elemental rule, kind of trumping two three drops on fourth turn.

… but on the other hand, control decks are quite popular. This card is an instant, so you can get two creatures on board after a wrath. And there’s plenty of cheap, pushed creatures. For example (and I’m limiting these to green and white and only the ones I thought I might want to use):

Spirit of the LabyrinthCourser of KruphixBrimaz, King of OreskosSunblade ElfFleecemane Lion
Mardu Woe-ReaperHushwing GryffSeeker of the WaySoldier of the PantheonHeir of the Wilds
Boon SatyrWarden of the First Tree

And Dragons of Tarkir brings some more (Arashing Foremost, the new Anafenza, Hidden Dragonslayer, maybe Deathwish Raptor). It should be easy enough to put together a deck from these.

Supposing Sultai planeswalker control decks are the vogue of the future (not sure why I’d think this, but anyhow), your build might look like this:

Heir of the Wilds is a bit weak here, because you can’t ever trigger the ferocious, but its a two-drop with deathtouch. Not bad. I put less legendary creatures in the list then I usually would, just because when I look at the six with Collected Company, I don’t want to see two copies of the same legendary creature and nothing else. Maybe this is unjustified, but there’s a pretty good mix of creatures here.

More evasion would be nice, although Company does bring a sort of pseudo-evasion, if your opponent taps out for an attack and you can swing back with a Boon Satyr and a Brimaz, King of Oreskos.

I was also thinking about using black. That would bring us two very powerful options: Anafenza, the Foremost and Rakshasa Deathdealer. However, it would also make the mana very awkward. There’s plenty of creatures that require double white or green, so bringing in a third color would be difficult, but not impossible. I just wouldn’t do that in an aggressive deck.

Valorous Stance is pretty much a placeholder. It could be something else. I would definitely think about something like Roar of Challenge just to let your other creatures attack freely.

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