Dungeon World versus Apocalypse World

Besides the genre differences and the setting differences implied by the genres, there’s one major difference between these two games: in Dungeon World you don’t get to use the moves against the other players. Sure you can attack them, but I don’t think that’s meant to be a key to the game. On the other hand, in Apocalypse World, the moves are written in such a way that you can clearly and freely use them against the other player characters.

The way Dungeon World handles the intra-party relationships – and thus conflicts – is actually quite elegant and definitely has its own strengths, however I do enjoy how Apocalypse World brings the intra-party conflicts to the forefront.

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[Dungeon World] Building the first steading

use-with-dw-OnLightAt the end of our first Dungeon World session we had only encountered an enormous spider lord and had spent a moment with the characters. In any case I needed to build on that session to create the framework for our campaign and it all starts with the first steading. As I’m sure that there are players that would benefit from this kind of example I’ll dedicate this post on discussing about moving from first to second session.

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[Dungeon World] Temple of the Spider Lord

use-with-dw-OnLightLast Sunday we managed to start yet another (fantasy) campaign. This time I’ll be GMing it and the game is (not surprisingly) based on the Apocalypse World engine. Dungeon World is a marvellous game of dungeon delving in style of D&D and presents the tools for lethal combat, making interesting worlds and allowing the characters to “level up”.

The hardest part for me with starting this campaign (excluding the major case of hangover I was suffering at the first session…) was not to be prepared. I tend to overwhelm myself with plans and background when starting something new but this time all I did was announce that the whole gameworld would be covered by a forest. (Actually I also started an image blog at Tumblr to collect atmospheric images but since I do it with all of my games that does not count…)

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