Fun with Hijack

I’m not sure I’m advocating it, but I’ve been playing a fun-off Hijack in my Gruul Midrange sideboard. Why? I thought it would be a good finisher against Gate-decks. Stealing Gate Colossus is a strong move against those decks, but admittedly, often unnecessary rub-ins instead of actual winning move, since it’s often a good match-up anyhow.

But it does tend to lead to weird situations. Especially in mirrors (or semi mirrors), where the opponent tries to go bigger and grindier.

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How to Approach London Mulligans

Here’s the new rules, if the test in London is successful: Scry is out. Instead, you always draw your full seven and after that you put as many cards on the bottom of your library as you’ve taken mulligans. For example, when you’re going to five, you still draw the seven, but now you put two of those cards on the bottom of your library.

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Ravnica Allegiance Brews, pt. 5 – Monoblack

Historically, my favorite archetype in constructed has been disruptive aggro or – the less politically correct – suicide black. The idea is that you don’t care about your life, as long as the opponent is losing more. Sadly, we don’t have Flesh Reaver and Carnophage or even Thoughtseize and Herald of Torment, so I guess we have to settle for not killing ourselves that fast. Sigh.

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