I Think Magic Arena Is Making Me a Worse Person

For the record, I decided to stop using money on WotC in general after the Magic 30 debacle and I am not going to start spending money on the game until they make huge changes to their management and philosophy. Obviously, the amount of money I used to spend is not going to make a dent on their margins, but at the same time, if I don’t feel like I’m contributing to the game the existance of which is actually worthwhile, why should I use any money, when its making me feel bad?

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The Magical History of Red’s Impulsive Draw

Red has struggled to find its place in the card advantage game. Back in the early days there was Wheel of Fortune and similar effects, which had a lot of potential, but were also highly situational. Then there was looting like Faithless Looting, but in order to differentiate between blue and red, this was nerfed into rummaging, where you discard first and draw later.

While rummaging is still going on regularly in cards like Thrill of Possibility and Big Score, red has also had impulse draw for a while now. Like so many other recurring mechanics without an official name, this has been named after the first card where it appeared, Act on Impulse. Impulse draw is basically card advantage, but only available to you for a limited time. I have limited this specifically to exiling the top card or cards of the library and being able to play those cards within a specific timewindow. I have disregarded any Alchemy shenanigans, because I don’t want to take those seriously. Also, I’ve left out anything that lets you play those cards without playing their manacost or lets you play from your opponents library.

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A Plan to Save Standard

Aaron Forsythe, the VP of design at WotC, tweeted this out four days ago:

Over the past few years, Standard play has dried up in many stores. I have my own list of possible reasons, but I’d love to hear from you about your store community. Why has sanctioned Standard play declined relative to other formats in your store?

Having to ask is really actually kind of embarrassing… I don’t mean asking in general, but in this case. It should be pretty obvious why they have been driving people away from the format.

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