A Plan to Save Standard

Aaron Forsythe, the VP of design at WotC, tweeted this out four days ago:

Over the past few years, Standard play has dried up in many stores. I have my own list of possible reasons, but I’d love to hear from you about your store community. Why has sanctioned Standard play declined relative to other formats in your store?

Having to ask is really actually kind of embarrassing… I don’t mean asking in general, but in this case. It should be pretty obvious why they have been driving people away from the format.

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Playing Magic: the Gathering with Minimal Spending (2022 edition)

Caveat: I’m not going to go into how to play MtG competitively without spending much money. There’s an easy answer for that: Be good enough to be sponsored for the cards or have strong enough network to be able to loan cards. In both cases this can only happen after initial investment, unless you are very lucky with the latter one.

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