EDH Deck Time – Etrata

I can’t be the only one who wants to read this name as ‘Errata’.

I should note that the effect of shuffling this into your deck is a trigger and the target is the other creature. The trigger won’t be countered if Etrata is no longer on the battlefield. Also, you can always just choose to put her into your command zone anyhow.

Still, we want to be able to pick her up, so that we don’t need to pay the commander tax over and over again. Of course, blue is excellent at doing just this.

AetherizeCapsizeCrystal ShardEcho TracerErratic Portal
Escape RoutesFar // AwayGlen Elendra PrankstersMystic ConfluencePart the Veil
QuicklingSilumgar’s CommandTradewind RiderBlink of an EyeInto the Roil
Time ElementalVenser, Shaper Savant

I don’t think we’ll play all of those, but some selection of those.

Also, some removal and other control elements.

AetherspoutsDamnationCrux of FateCyclonic RiftSyphon Mind
Syphon FleshCast DownPrice of FameHero’s DownfallUltimate Price
Go for the ThroatDoom BladeNegateCountersquallDimir Charm
Dire UndercurrentsGlen Elendra ArchmageCounterspellThousand WindsWard of Bones
Silent ArbiterCrawlspaceShadow of DoubtSiren of the Silent SongSoul Manipulation

Well, card draw, obviously. We have some nice new options for the early game.

Read the BonesSecrets of the Golden CityMulldrifterBaleful StrixNotion Rain

For the long run:

Skeletal ScryingBane Alley BrokerArch of OrazcaArguel’s Blood FastThaumatic Compass
Wayfarer’s BaubleArmillary SphereJourneyer’s Kite

Yes, the land search is card advantage (okay, Bauble isn’t, but shhh, don’t tell anyone).

… and I guess we have to do it:

Helm of the Host

This leaves us room for 43 lands, which seems like the proper number to me (plus one already in the deck).

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