RopeCon 2014 Plans

Yes, I know I’m pretty early, but I do have ideas, so why not share them.

First, talking to different people at RopeCon and somewhat on this blog, I’ve learned two things:

1. Some of the most valued GMs are part of our Guild.

2. There are people out there looking for new games, but are worried about the GMs and other players.

So, I thought we might provide a service to help out those who don’t want to use the classic heuristic of staying away from fantasy games. This might sound very conceited and might actually be just that, but than again, if we are not the best people to do this, I don’t know who is. Well, at least we are arrogant enough to do this (although I haven’t talked to Ville about this yet, and I didn’t tell anyone I’m going to publish this this early).

My basic idea is this: We get a rubber stamp for next year and stamp the games we believe are up to our standards… whatever those standards may be. Probably just base our recommendations on recommendations from people we trust to know what games are good and which GMs are worthy of our stamp.

What we would probably need to do is to make a page of all the games we recommend and explain our reasoning, whether it is based on a recommendation or its there just because we didn’t want to leave out any of our own GMs (I’m big on reporting possible bias). Now, depending on how secret we want this to be, the stamp doesn’t necessarily need the address, although since we definitely are not above self-promotion, it probably will have the link to this blog at least.

But here’s the problem: We don’t really want to piss of any GMs, but stamping their enrollment sheets when they don’t necessarily know what its all about, might leave a sour taste in somebody’s mouth. Then again, if they really go to the link and see what its about, I don’t think very many would mind. Convention organizers of course might, but as we are just trying to bring quality players and games together to heighten their experience, they really shouldn’t. After all, they want repeat customers.

At this point, I’m just throwing this out there, looking for feedback. Feedback from the guild was pretty good, but people I talked to (including Lauri) were drunk at the time…