The Magical History of Color Shifting Planeswalkers

Planeswalkers have been around since Lorwyn, so it’s been more than 10 years. There’s 107 of them currently in circulation. During that time with that many planeswalkers, some of them have changed their outlook to life. Sometimes quite radically. They are major characters in the story, so it should be expected of them to have some sort of an arc, which might affect them mechanically as well.

We did learn in Amonkhet that the colors of a planeswalker doesn’t necessarily limit what they can do, because Nicol Bolas doesn’t seem to have any limitations on colors of spells.

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Thoughts on Planeswalkers

I don’t know why (probably because we had a short discussion on a planeswalkers-based AW hack in our Guild forums), but I’ve been thinking about various things regarding Planeswalkers. You know, stuff I probably shouldn’t think about too deeply, but I do.

Its possible that R&D (especially the creative) has put some thought into these subjects and probably has answers as well, but I didn’t do my research, so I don’t know. This is just a bunch of random thoughts like most of my posts.

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EDH Deck Time: Damia and her Friends

I’ve limited myself to three colors in EDH from the beginning (which was a little bit over two years ago). It just lets me use my resources more efficiently, as white and red aren’t very good colors. Sure, they have a limited set of good cards, but those aren’t really that fun for me, as I’m not as much of an asshole when playing EDH than I have a reputation for.

Anyhow, as there have been plenty of new planeswalkers in the last few sets in my color (BUG), I decided it might be time to make a planeswalker deck. Who to guide them into battle? [scryfall]Damia, Sage of Stone[/scryfall]. Not particular reason for choosing her over [scryfall]The Mimeoplasm[/scryfall] or [scryfall]Vorosh, the Hunter[/scryfall], except that she’s probably going to work best because of the card advantage she provides.

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