EDH Deck Time: Damia and her Friends

I’ve limited myself to three colors in EDH from the beginning (which was a little bit over two years ago). It just lets me use my resources more efficiently, as white and red aren’t very good colors. Sure, they have a limited set of good cards, but those aren’t really that fun for me, as I’m not as much of an asshole when playing EDH than I have a reputation for.

Anyhow, as there have been plenty of new planeswalkers in the last few sets in my color (BUG), I decided it might be time to make a planeswalker deck. Who to guide them into battle? [card]Damia, Sage of Stone[/card]. Not particular reason for choosing her over [card]The Mimeoplasm[/card] or [card]Vorosh, the Hunter[/card], except that she’s probably going to work best because of the card advantage she provides.

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