Solomon Draft Variant

I tend to win some booster packs each week, so I generally have some at home. The joy of opening them wears of quite quickly, so what you should do instead is use them for something to get extra value. Classic options are drafting and sealed, but there’s also the newer Wizard’s Tower, which is becoming more popular.

And then there’s Solomon draft.

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Holiday Cube Draft 1.1.2014: 3-0

Last night I decided to try out the Holiday Cube on MTGO. I’d heard it has very powerful cards and you could build all sorts of strange combo decks with it. Well, since I don’t really play combo and I have huge holes in my card knowledge, I didn’t expect much… except I won the pod. Way to go me.

Actually, I probably only won because my opponents had even less understanding of the cube than myself. At least I read this article by Conley Woods. Based on that I decided I’d force a monored aggro deck. At least I know how to play that (although I’m not saying that’s easy, just that I have plenty of experience with those).

Then my plans were immediately wrecked… Here are all my picks with comments (on most):

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