Häme Medieval Faire 2016

This year’s Häme Medieval Faire was held at during August. Last year I was at a friend’s wedding and could not participate. But this year I made sure I would attend and went there with my son and his cousin. And it was even better than the last time around.

Häme Medieval Faire is an event held at the Häme Castle with all thing medieval. Naturally this means a lot of artisans selling their products but it’s also about historical reenactment. While two years ago there was a tournament this year’s main event was the landing of forces of Novgorod on Häme shores.


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Häme Medieval Faire

After a couple of years of trying I finally managed to make a short visit to Häme Medieval Faire (held at Hämeenlinna during last August). Since I have no recollection of visiting this event ever before (this might be false since I was born in Hämeenlinna) I had no expectations for the event. And it blew my mind.

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