Häme Medieval Faire 2016

This year’s Häme Medieval Faire was held at during August. Last year I was at a friend’s wedding and could not participate. But this year I made sure I would attend and went there with my son and his cousin. And it was even better than the last time around.

Häme Medieval Faire is an event held at the Häme Castle with all thing medieval. Naturally this means a lot of artisans selling their products but it’s also about historical reenactment. While two years ago there was a tournament this year’s main event was the landing of forces of Novgorod on Häme shores.


The landing was an epic battle between two forces using steel weapons. The Novgorodian rowed two boats to the shore, shouted insults and both forces formed a shieldwall. Now it might have not been as epic as in Bernard Cornwell‘s books but it was still a great sight. There were reenactors from four (possibly more) different societies and enough people to watch the show to fill every last spot where it could be seen (there even were some asshats spoiling the moment with yachts on the river).

Apart from that spectacle there was more things to see and try that we could squeeze in for one day. My son and his cousin were happy to try out boffering (against me naturally) and we were lucky enough to hit the spot first and got to battle for quite a some time. Later on the battle grounds had a long line of children waiting and we decided to skip the second try.

I had really wanted to see Greenrose Faire live again but for some reason they had no daytime show. The members of the band were also a bit confused by this as I talked to them. It might have something to do with a lot smaller budget they were given by Hämeenlinna municipality but other than maybe that the smaller funding did not show anywhere.

Luckily there were quite many other bands playing during the day and I just have to mention the Obscurus Orbis and band with enough energy for a dozen bands!

After visiting the Häme Castle and buying souvenirs for everyone (I have just have to say that my son was over excited to get the One Ring from one vendor) we decided to head home. Both boys kept asking could we come here again next year and I have no problems with that.

Though I just might need to drop them off at some point and for once take part to the evening shows as well!

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