Eldritch Moon Brews, pt. 7 – BG Delirium

Maybe Sultai would be better, since [scryfall]Kiora, Master of the Depths[/scryfall] could be really great here, but I think this should be more aggressive, although I’m not quite sure of the right build, but the reasons I’m even talking about this are plentiful in EMN.


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Shadows over Innistrad Brews, pt. 17 – BG All-In Delirium

Of course, [scryfall]Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy[/scryfall] would be good here, but assuming we’re not all made of money (I am, sort of, but even I’m not willing to put a that much money into them), so let’s call this a budget version, although I’m not sure Jace would make this that much better. Besides, Jace isn’t taking space from actual fun cards.

This is also for those of us, who miss the constant shuffling of fetches. If there is someone like that out there.

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