Brawl Deck Time: Vivien Reid

What can we do with her?

As a commander, she’s more about value than synergy. She makes sure you have access to cards to play and can get rid of some pesky artifacts and enchantments, as well as that damn Glorybringer. The emblem feels quite winmore. I think in many situations, where you are in a position where you could use it, you’d just rather use the +1 instead.

Now, I’m assuming you’re playing in a multiplayer context. In two-player I think you’d rather use something else as your monogreen commander, but I guess she does have her strengths. Five mana is just a bit much. You’d much rather want a consistent low-drop in many situations, but here we are.

My first instinct was to fill the lower part of the curve with deathtouch creatures, but there aren’t that many in Standard, which is weird and I hadn’t even noticed. They seem to be shifting that completely to black, as Ixalan and Dominaria had no green creatures that had it. I would much rather not use ramp creatures, as they have a tendency to die to various sweepers, which are going to be everywhere in a multiplayer game. In order to do something that gives us value that we can keep while our creatures die. Let’s see what energy cards we have available.

Aetherwind BaskerArchitect of the UntamedBristling HydraGreenbelt RampagerLongtusk Cub
Servant of the ConduitThriving RhinoAether HubAethersphere HarvesterAetherworks Marvel
Decoction ModuleMultiform Wonder

This isn’t a very strong theme, but as these do mostly both use and create energy, I would hope we can get some synergy here. I’ll put Animation Module and Fabrication Module into the deck as well, just because there’s a chance it would come together. However, it is noteworthy, that Vivien wants us to play quite a few creatures, so let’s keep the number of noncreature spells low. Well, at least one more as part of this pair from M19:

Okay, one more.

Nissa, Vital Force

There’s plenty of other options, like various fight cards, but let’s go with this.

Let’s look at various rare and mythic rare creatures we might want to play.

Carnage TyrantChampion of RhonasChanneler InitiateDeathgorge ScavengerEmperor’s Vanguard
Garruk’s HordeGhalta, Primal HungerHonored HydraJadelight RangerMultani, Yavimaya’s Avatar
Oviya Pashiri, Sage LifecrafterProwling SerpopardResilient KhenraRhonas the IndomitableRipjaw Raptor
Rishkar, Peema RenegadeSteel Leaf ChampionTendershoot DryadTerritorial AllosaurusVerdant Force
Verdurous GearhulkVizier of the Menagerie

Dammit, I want to fit in 26 lands, so we need to cut a few cards from here (well, we do have the Hub, so 25). What I usually do, is look at the top end of the curve and just take those out. Ghalta just isn’t really that, so I’ll leave that in.

(Yeah, I took the extra modules out.)

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