Shadows over Innistrad Brews, pt. 12 – Assault Formation

Here’s a nice casual favorite, with tournament potential. With less colors in most decks, [scryfall]Dromoka’s Command[/scryfall] will likely see less play, and I don’t see that good of a reason to play GW (there are some nice looking lists, but seems underwhelming). I might be tragically wrong here and maybe there still exists a nice Megamorph deck out there, but regardless, why not try [scryfall]Assault Formation[/scryfall] with [scryfall]Goldnight Castigator[/scryfall]?

[scryfall]Vessel of Nascency[/scryfall] can definitely help dig up the important parts and the high toughness creatures can clog up the ground until you can get everything going.

4 Jaddi Offshoot
4 Sylvan Advocate
4 Sanguinary Mage
4 Crater Elemental
4 Thopter Engineer
4 Goldnight Castigator
4 Vessel of Nascency
4 Assault Formation
4 Roast
4 Evolving Wilds
4 Cinder Glade
4 Game Trail
5 Mountain
7 Forest

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