My Top 10 Favorite Characters in Storybook Brawl

The ones I always overpick.

No, this isn’t a strategy guide. These are just the ones I find most funny, flavorful or interesting in their effects.

Honorable mentions:

Polywoggle for the randomness
Friendly Spirit, because we could all use one
Oni Spirit, because us monsters need support too (although it’s not technically support)
Puff Puff, because you have to have dreams.

10. Vain-Pire

This character got onto the list simply because of the name. I don’t actually even like playing it that much. I just find it funny.

9. Great Pumpkin King

I have a tendency to overrate Evil as a strategy, but since I do often go this way, Pumpkin King is a great top end. Since the game is all about embracing randomness, this is just great. It’s not just a small decision point for the RNG, but there’s often six points where there’s plenty of options in each case. Some are bad, some are great, but that’s often what you have left to win with.

8. and 7. Romeo & Juliet

I do like this combination and flavor of it. I also like how the designers haven’t felt the need to go with traditional approach and make the female weaker here, but I’ll talk more about that later.

6. Lucky

How is he lucky, if he needs to die first? I don’t get the flavor, but I like the effect probably more than I should.

5. Darkwood Creeper

I’ve learned to hold myself back on this one (finally), but I still do like to take it. It works extremely well with some of the other characters I like to play, like the next one, for example, but I like scaling my team up during the game and Creeper is very good at that. Couple of cool combos are Tree of Life and Fairy Godmother.

4. Sleeping / Awoken Princess

while royals seem to be overdrafted in general as of this writing (and understandably, because they are quite strong), this is one I seem to get a lot of. Sure, it needs some work, but 8/8 is the biggest level 3 character. It’s actually bigger than any of the level 4 characters on base stats as well. You don’t even need to awaken it for it to work. There’s many ways to get it to work like the Creeper above. I also like the flavor of making the Princess angry by awaking her.

3. Wizard’s Familiar

I just enjoy buying one early and trying to make it as big as possible. I’ve had an upgraded 8/8 on round 2 (with Wonder Waddle, buy one on round 1 and cast a spell, buy another on round two and follow up with a Crown of Atlas and Mysterious Scroll) and with a Potion Master you can get one into triple digits quite easily. Also, Merlin just needs one. It’s part of being a wizard.

2. Princess Wight

Didn’t this used to be Snow Wight or did I dream that up? This is just fun in it’s weirdness. This Princess collects dwarves to feast on their remains and putting this into the Disney-context, these dwarves will still worship her, so there’s this cult-y side to her as well. Also, like the previous entry, I just like growing her.

1. Grim Soul

There’s just so many opportunities to abuse the ability. This is my only reason to play Muerte. Want to speedrun to level 6? Is it finally time to cash-in the Polywoggle you’ve been sitting on since round 1? Want to really go off with Potion Master and Aon? Or you can be boring and just grow certain members of your team. Trophy Hunter or Sad Dracula aren’t really the best home for this character, because you want to try and control where the trigger happens, but I’m going to do it anyhow.

One thought on “My Top 10 Favorite Characters in Storybook Brawl

  1. A small addition to the flavor of Romeo & Juliet: They are in love, but you are actively encouraged to keep them apart. That is funny to me.

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