Ropecon 2014 Photos

Here is the gallery for other-than-cosplay photos I took at Ropecon 2014. As always if you find an image of yourself you do not wish to see online, let me know and I either remove the picture or blur you out (if you are on the background).

Big thanks for all who let me take their picture!

If you like to use these in social media, feel free. I’d appreciate if you give me credit and if you care to drop a link here it would be awesome! If you want your own picture in bigger size contact me and I can send it to you (with even some retouching if I find the time).

(Yes, this information is copy/paste. It’s too damn hot to care.)

4 thoughts on “Ropecon 2014 Photos

  1. You gave me your card for information to find picture you took of me; I was the Crossbones-guy with battleaxe and shotgun. Can I have it? I would like to post it to my cosplay site, with credits to you of course.

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