Eldritch Moon Brews pt. 1 – Abzan Ramp

Just a sick, sick idea on how to abuse Sorin, Grim Nemesis and the new Emrakul.


So, this might be a bit much, but stick with me. If nothing else, this might be a casual idea (actually, probably).

So, if you +1 Sorin and reveal an Emrakul, it deals 13 damage to your opponent. How do you make this work? Here’s some ideas. How do you get it on top of your library? How about with Conduit of Ruin or Mortuary Mire?

Conduit of RuinMortuary Mire

How do you get the Emrakul into our graveyard? That’s going to be a bit of a problem. Discarding isn’t that good despite all the Madness (or because of it), but you can self-mill. The deck does need some removal, so maybe Sinister Concoction is an option, but I doubt that.

Gather the PackVessel of Nascency

Of course, with cards like these, you’ll also want to ramp.

Explosive VegetationNissa’s Pilgrimage

The deck needs some artifacts and instants as well, just so you can actually play the Emrakul.

Hangarback WalkerHedron ArchiveUltimate Price

In order to play the Sorin, Grim Nemesis more reliably, Oath of Nissa is good. So, how about this:

Note that this is very rough sketch…

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