EDH Deck Time: Meloku

Meloku, the Clouded Mirror is one of my favorite commanders.

Meloku the Clouded Mirror

I do have a certain affection for quite a few blue commanders, but with Meloku, the pull between wanting to play lands and having to bounce them, is quite interesting. This being said, I don’t want to play her too much, since she has a tendency to be a bit too consistent for my tastes. Despite this, I went to EDHREC (a great site, btw) to see if other people were doing something interesting with her. Apparently not really. However, I always found her very powerful in one specific regard, which didn’t seem to get any press on the page…

Sure, playing Lord of the Unreal with Meloku is pretty good, but it doesn’t really appeal to me. Or Favorable Winds. Or Winter Orb, which just seems like an asshole move in EDH. (Not that people are even using the last one, but its just an idea that came to me.)

Commanders, who provide one half of a combo are always powerful. In this regard, Meloku is very good. I’ve often thought about how to use certain cards, like Jalira, Master Polymorphist effectively, but Meloku is the answer.

Jalira, Master PolymorphistMass PolymorphPolymorphous RushDay of the Dragons

This is actually a pretty fun combo, but again, too consistent for my tastes or for EDH. The point is, of course, that you have some limited number of great, powerful creatures in the deck and when you polymorph them, the chances of hitting one is therefore very good. What could such creatures be?

Blightsteel ColossusConsecrated SphinxDjinn of Infinite DeceitsInkwell LeviathanIt That Betrays
Jin-Gitaxias, Core AugurPlatinum EmperionScourge of FleetsStormtide Leviathan

Of course, you should have your own selection of creatures based on what you like to play and what fits your playgroup, but these are the ones I’m using. I also have a Lighthouse Chronologist in the deck and probably should have something like Archaeomancer, but I don’t.

I used to play Ixidron as well, but that didn’t work quite as well as I had hoped it might. Scourge of Fleets is a much better choice.

One problem is that due to the nature of the deck, I can’t really play all the ramp creatures (Pilgrim’s Eye, Solemn Simulacrum, Burnished Hart) I would normally play in a monoblue deck. I do however need ways to play more lands, so I do play Walking Atlas and Patron of the Moon.

Walking AtlasPatron of the Moon

I also play quite a few other ways to ramp through artifacts and Zoetic Cavern is a pretty good way to get extra lands into play, despite the cost in mana.

Armillary SphereExplorer’s ScopeJourneyer’s KiteSol RingSword of the Animist
Wayfarer’s Bauble

Actually, I don’t usually play Sol Ring because of its power level, but here I need the mana pretty badly, so I’m willing to do it.

So, what else do we need? Since you don’t really want to draw the fatties in the deck, you want to manipulate the top of your deck. At least a bit. I’m generally not a huge fan of Sensei’s Divining Top, but here it works. Another good tool is Scroll Rack and, of course, the Brainstorm. With Blightsteel Colossus looting would work as well, but I haven’t gone that route. However, Day’s Undoing and its ilk could work, but I haven’t done that either, because I tend to have more cards in hand then my opponents, so those cards would be a net lose to me, unless I can play Cyclonic Rift beforehand.

Preordain is just something you can sometimes use to push cards to the bottom, so you don’t have to draw them.

Scroll RackBrainstormPreordainSensei’s Divining TopCrystal Ball

After that, you just need some ways to defend yourself and some random fun stuff.

Bouncing with blue is always fun:

CapsizeCyclonic RiftAetherspoutsInundateAetherize
Devastation Tide

Countering isn’t as effective in EDH as its elsewhere, but you can still interrupt all sorts of important things.

CounterspellDisdainful StrokeDissipateDissolveDream Fracture
ExcludeHinderSpell Crumple

I do like to draw cards, so here’s the usual suspects for that…

Recurring InsightFlow of IdeasJace, the Mind SculptorFuture SightDig Through Time

Sometimes we need to get rid of some stuff, but blue can’t do it, so I have to rely on colorless here:

Karn LiberatedEye of Doom

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon wouldn’t be bad here either, especially as the illusions provided by Meloku are colorless, but I haven’t gone that route.

What else? I don’t know why, but I decided to put this little package in:

Dream HallsEnter the InfiniteOmniscience

As well, as the following:

BatterskullCast Through TimeClone Legion

The average CMC here is way too high for my tastes in general, but that’s why we play plenty of lands.

Also, finally, Quicken, because Mass Polymorphing at the end of opponents turn is just great.


… and lands…

Zoetic CavernEvolving WildsTerramorphic ExpanseTerrain GeneratorReliquary Tower
Temple of the False GodFoundry of the ConsulsSpawning BedHalimar DepthsMyriad Landscape
Mage-Ring Network

Leaving us room for 34 Islands (total of 45 lands). Some additional fetches would be nice as well, but I think this is quite enough.

I decided I wouldn’t play Mind Over Matter either, because its not fun. There are similar cards out there, but the deck already has a very high powerlevel and can already just get out a very oppressive board, which it can also protect, so that’s quite enough.

The list:

4 thoughts on “EDH Deck Time: Meloku

    • Sorry, but I don’t play EDH in a very competitive environments, so I couldn’t really tell you. I would assume the matchup isn’t very good. You are able to protect your lands to a certain degree, but you still need a critical mass of them. If that was the deck I was designing this deck against, I would put in more artifact mana and more counterspells. But most of all, I would try to negotiate with the other players to just take this person out of the game.

  1. Also what’s your experience with that many creatures to polymorph into? Im testing a build wherein I only morph out Blightsteel Colossus or Ulamog. Better have alot of creatures or just one or two?

    • In my meta, things like Swords to Plowshares and bounce are so common that I feel I need more creatures. That being said, in EDH I make these decisions based on what I like to play rather than what I should play, so I probably play too many creatures. Of course, Ol’ Blighty is the best of the creatures and you definitely want to hit it ,but I just find winning the same way every time very boring.

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