EDH Deck Time: Blex

Two ways to go here: A weird pest tribal or a graveyard deck… or a combination of the two.

As has been documented pretty well, I like to play somewhat underpowered value decks full of cards you’d see in constructed midrange decks. For this specific purpose, the backside of the card is actually much stronger, but I’ll take the front side into account in this as well, because the lower casting cost might mean that you might want to play it at times. It can also function as a sort of weird and weak Overrun if you have a lot of creatures on the battlefield and I’m going to try to go wide for specifically this purpose.

Let’s start with creatures and ways to make creatures:

Ambush ViperAnt QueenArachnogenesisArasta of the Endless WebBrood of Cockroaches
Deadly RecluseEndless CockroachesGiant AdephageHatchery SpiderHexdrinker
Honored HydraHooded HydraIshkanah, GrafwidowMazirek, Kraul Death PriestNyx Weaver
Ohran FrostfangOhran ViperSakura-Tribe ElderScute SwarmSilklash Spider
SkullwinderSpider SpawningVorapedeWinding Constrictor

While I do regularly play some of these cards (I like cheap deathtouch creatures just because your opponents don’t want to trade their creatures for them), these are not the strongest cards out there, but for a deck with a lower powerlevel, this is a good start.

Next, some ways to abuse the cards that are going to be in our graveyard if we mostly want to use the backside:

Meren of Clan Nel TothThe Gitrog MonsterSavra, Queen of the GolgariIzoni, Thousand-EyedBurning-Rune Demon
Deathrite ShamanRamunap ExcavatorPraetor’s Counsel

How about some sacrificing?

Yawgmoth, Thran PhysicianSidisi, Undead VizierShriekmawWoe StriderGrim Haruspex
Fiend ArtisanPlaguecrafterTergrid, God of FrightFleshbag MarauderDemon’s Disciple
Merciless ExecutionerRise of the Dread MarnLiliana, Dreadhorde General

I decided to go easy and not put in cards like Dictate of Erebos to keep the deck casual.

We might need some lifegain as well, because the Search for Blex can be expensive in the long term.

Gray Merchant of AsphodelZulaport CutthroatBlood Artist

How about actually trying to kill our opponent at some point? Of course, this is purely optional.

Syr Konrad, the GrimMarauding Blight-PriestVito, Thorn of the Dusk RoseRidgescale Tusker

Some ramp:

Splendid ReclamationDeathsproutWood ElvesFarhaven ElfOndu Giant
Migratory GreathornSpringbloom DruidVastwood Surge

Thrown in 40 lands and were there. Again, not the strongest deck out there, but more for a casual table.

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