EDH Deck Time – Valentin / Lisette

These cards are kind of weird. They are clearly meant to work together, but obviously, you can’t have each side available to you at the same time, so you need figure out how use both sides. I’m not going to do that. Basically, I’m making a horde deck, which tries to grow the creatures though black’s ability to gain life consistently. It is also possible that Valentin is itself a nice plan in certain contexts, where graveyards are well used.

First, while I’m open to making friendlier decks for EDH (and I practically always do), my Spike-y side won’t allow me to use any old lifegain cards. They need to be at least playable on their own. For example, I will not play creatures just because they have lifelink, but I will play good creatures, which just happen to also have lifelink.

Other ways of gaining life I’m willing to use:

I’ll also put in some cards which like life gain.

That’s 41 cards, which leaves room for 18 other cards. I do have some sources of card advantage, interaction and ramp in there, but not that much. Since Lisette has synergies with creatures, I should probably attempt to do these things with the help of creatures as much as possible.

Yes, I tend to throw in the Mutate-package a little bit too easily, but I also tend to find it fun.

Slap on 40 of your bestest lands and that’s it. You should probably cut some of the life gain, but I like it this way.

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