EDH Deck Time – Kianne / Imbraham

I don’t think there’s an obvious way to build with these two, so I can have fun.

Well, I assume that I would be playing Kianne most of the time, since she can produce card advantage early on without a mana cost (beyond her own cost, obviously). Sure, she won’t gain a card each time (and it’s noteworthy that she doesn’t draw cards), but as I will play at least 40 lands in this deck, she’ll tap to drack roughly 0.4 cards. What I’ll try to do is up this by manipulating the top of the library and checking it in different ways.

No, I won’t play [scryfall]Sensei’s Divining Top[/scryfall]. I hate that card. It might be good here, but no. I have my pride. Sort of. Still, let’s scry, otherwise manipulate and play cards from the top of the library.

That should be enough. There’s some other ways of abusing the ability to know the top of the library, so let’s play those as well:

Another way of manipulating the top of the library is just to draw cards.

That does leave us with some creatures we would like to flicker, so let’s add some ways of doing that:

Otherwise, we might not be drawing endless cards, but if things go as planned, we might have plenty of cards in hand, because we are playing things specifically from the top of our deck, let’s just put these into the deck.

At this point, while we are going to be able to play plenty of lands, there isn’t much in the way of ramp. I’ll put in some creatures, again, for this purpose and also to shuffle the deck. And [scryfall]Thought Vessel[/scryfall].

Not the fastest deck, but here we are.

Finally, I’ll put in just a few pieces of interaction.

Add 40 lands and your good. I guess, [scryfall]Temple of Mystery[/scryfall], every fetch and every cyclable land would be nice. Finally, I generally try to avoid colorless lands, but [scryfall]Reliquary Tower[/scryfall] would be nice here.

3 thoughts on “EDH Deck Time – Kianne / Imbraham

    • Thank you.

      Sorry, but since I try to keep these decks fairly casual, I don’t usually really design the manabase. I just use what lands I have available and if I have to make decisions, I’ll use what has synergies with the deck itself.

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