EDH Deck Time – Karlov and his Nightmarish Cat

After my Nethroi and Umori combo I started to think about other potential companions. Lurrus of the Dream-Den seems like a very antithetical companion for EDH, so hypothetically what would one do with it?

There’s only two options for commander.

Ayli, Eternal PilgrimKarlov of the Ghost Council

Although they do pretty much the same thing, I decided to go with the latter.

What do we need? Lifegain. That’s pretty much it. Now, this is not the most powerful deck ever and since Karlov is kind of scary to other players, you will probably be targeted and adding the limitations brought on by Lurrus, you are kind of soft to attacks, but here goes.

Many of the cards could be put into several categories below, but I’ve put them where they feel they will mostly be used. Manabase is a bit difficult to figure out, as I wouldn’t won’t to play this few lands, but you kind of have to, when you don’t really have much to use your mana on.

commander (1)
companion (1)
lifegain (25)
token makers (6)
card draw (8)
interaction and stax (22)
wincons (3)
lands (35)

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