Journey Into Nyx Brews, pt. 6 – More Theros Block

Now that the set is finally on Gatherer and (which I prefer due to more flexibility in search terms), doing some brewing is much easier. Its nice to be able to search for cards with certain characteristics.

What about Blue Devotion? No, doesn’t really work, but we can do something similar. Maybe do something different. Strife cards are generally very powerful, but these two could be very good in the right deck. The idea here is that we have plenty of cheap creatures, many of which have either very defensive capabilities (Vortex Elemental) or facilitate our plan either by giving card selection (Dakra Mystic, Omenspeaker, Sigiled Starfish) or help with mana costs (Battlefield Thaumaturge).

Then, after you’ve set up the board in the right way, either cast a Prognostic Sphinx or a Master of Waves to get a body on the field. Next step is to either change a few of these cheap creatures (or the elementals provided by Master of Waves) into Sphinx’s with Hour of Need, or into Masters with Polymorphous Rush (and the Sphinx is an ok creature to copy here as well). The idea behind copying the Master is that even though the copies are not going to bring any new elementals onto the battlefield, they are going to give them the +1/+1 they need.

The key is that these cards are both instants, so you can cast the Hour of Need at the end of opponents turn, or Polymorphous Rush midcombat. None of the creatures are defenders, so even the ones 0-powered ones can attack possibly profitably. Hour of Need can also save you form cards like Bile Blight (or Detention Sphere in standards).

So, what about green? There must be a deck in green? Right? Probably not, but we can try anyway. We do have plenty of mana available and one of the mana creatures (Golden Hind) is actually a pretty good attacker as well.

This deck isn’t even that vulnerable to Extinguish All Hope, as there’s plenty of enchantment creatures in the deck. Also, Aspect of Hydra can be a blowout. Its a very good trick. The problem here is Elspeth, as usual. Only out is Nylea giving trample. Otherwise… We’re in trouble.

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