Guilds of Ravnica Brews, pt. 3 – Temur Ramp

Here’s a deck by Todd Anderson, which does it’s best to kill the opponent with Fight with Fire copied with Primal Wellspring. So, what if we go deeper and add some green ramp.

We have two potential ramp cards available to us Grow from the Ashes and somethings that’s currently called Detour on MythicSpoiler (it’s known as “This garden is 90% full of snakes!” on Scryfall), which is a strictly better Explosive Vegetation as it can find Gates as well.

How about this play pattern: Electromancer into Detour into Primal Amulet and… something. Or better yet: Elfhame Druid into Detour into Primal Amulet and Grow from the Ashes kicked. I have a slight headache right now, so I’m not even sure how much mana you’d have available on turn five.

We do have a bit of a problem here in that neither Gruul or Simic is in the set, so it’s possible that this will be a more functional deck after the next set.

Most of the time this deck will just die against anything aggressive, though.

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