Pauper EDH Deck Time – Crackling Drake

One of the weird archetypes I like is Burn. Okay, Burn in itself isn’t strange, but I’ve liked those red-based decks that rely on just casting spells that work well with the creatures. I’m not explaining this very well, but think [card]Thermo-Alchemist[/card]. That’s something.

Now, what’s the difference between [card]Crackling Drake[/card] and [card]Enigmatic Drake[/card]? Not much, actually, but at least we can use flashback, delve and the brand new jump-start (which is clearly the reason for some parts of the text on the card).

Let’s start with some other creatures that like spells.

Augur of Bolas
Electrostatic Field
Goblin Electromancer
Kiln Fiend
Nivix Cyclops
Prescient Chimera
Pyre Hound
Wee Dragonauts[/draft]

Than, some card draw.

[draft]Tormenting Voice
Cathartic Reunion
Treasure Cruise
Serum Visions
Gitaxian Probe
Faithless Looting
Sleight of Hand
Compulsive Research
Ideas Unbound
Secrets of the Golden City
Deep Analysis
Desperate Ravings
Think Twice
Radical Idea[/draft]

Flashback, delve and jump-start cards:

[draft]Reckless Charge
Artful Dodge
Logic Knot
Will of the Naga
Gravitic Punch
Maximize Altitude
Maximize Velocity
Sonic Assault[/draft]

Finally, some removal:

[draft]Bathe in Dragonfire
Lightning Bolt
Brimstone Volley
Chandra’s Outrage
Fall of the Hammer
Fiery Impulse
Firecannon Blast
Flame Slash
Harvest Pyre
Lightning Axe
Puncturing Blow
Lightning Strike
Searing Spear
Burst Lightning
Chain Lightning
Fiery Temper
Magma Jet
Rolling Thunder
Essence Scatter
Remove Soul[/draft]

That leaves room for 36 lands, which is less than what I would normally want, but with 20 ways to draw cards, this is fine. I am a bit worried about the number of colored sources, though. UURR isn’t easy on a pauper manabase. So, basically you should use all the fetches and duals you are allowed to, even going as far as using cards like [card]Rupture Spire[/card].

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