EDH Deck Time: Silas + Kydele

Partner is an interesting new mechanic from Commander 2016. They have had one special commander-related … thing each year, but this is by far the most interesting. I don’t know how many we’ll have, but I imagine 10, one for each color pair, which are the main commanders for the this series.

I’m going to be working with Silas Renn, Seeker Adept and Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix here, because they are the ones spoiled in “my colors” thusfar.


Admittedly, the synergies between these two aren’t exactly obvious at first, so I’ll have to figure something out. Gladly, they both do things which have plenty of synergies with strong cards throughout the games history, although neither is straightforward.

Kydele requires lots of mana to use, unless you can somehow draw cards without mana. Necropotence won’t do that, because you just put those cards into your hand, not actually draw them. Something like Teferi’s Puzzle Box could be extremely powerful here, although a bit more chaotic than one might want. Forgotten Creation does pretty much the same without giving the added benefit to the other players (but of course, being more fragile as well).

Silas, on the other hand, doesn’t have real evasion, so he’d need some of that to work. On the other hand, he’s in a color combination, that wants to generally do something different in EDH. Evasion is something common to these two colors, because they are seen as the stealthy colors, but we’ll see how we’ll approach this.

One way to abuse Partner, is to just use one of the commanders to gain access to extra colors, maybe even fake some of the colors you’re using, but I don’t think that’s something I’d like to do, at least not this time, but it is a concept I might be willing to return to in the future.

The library size is 98 if you use Partner (which is good from the standpoint of sleeves, if nothing else).

So, what should we use here…

First, the best card in the deck might very well be Courier’s Capsule.

Teferi’s Puzzle BoxCourier’s CapsuleAether SpellbombCoercive PortalForgotten Creation

The use of its ability is pretty free, if you control Kydele and you can replay it with Silas’s ability. Aether Spellbomb is in way lesser version of it, but versatility is always strong, so lets use it as well. Coercive Portal is another interesting choice, because it will either let you have more mana on top of the card each turn, or you can get it back with Silas. Eventually.

Of course, one particular, different kind of cycle does a lot as well:

Mind StoneHedron ArchiveDreamstone Hedron

Other artifacts to sacrifice for the benefit of Silas include…

Armillary SphereBurnished HartCommander’s SphereExecutioner’s CapsuleExpedition Map
Eye of DoomHorizon SpellbombMemory JarMindslaverMishra’s Bauble
Necrogen SpellbombNihil SpellbombOblivion StoneSylvok ReplicaWayfarer’s Bauble

There’s plenty more, but this is a start, at least.

Next, what to use to draw cards with little or not mana, to get the best benefits from Kydele:

Ancestral VisionArcanis the OmnipotentBlue Sun’s ZenithBrainstormCompulsive Research
Consecrated SphinxDamia, Sage of StoneEnter the InfiniteGreater GoodHunter’s Insight
Hunter’s ProwessInfiltration LensIor Ruin ExpeditionJace BelerenJace’s Archivist
Jace, the Mind SculptorLife’s LegacyLifeblood HydraMagus of the JarMask of Memory
Minds AglowMomentous FallOverbeing of MythOverwhelming IntellectPrime Speaker Zegana
Recurring InsightRhystic StudyRush of KnowledgeSeizan, Perverter of TruthSire of Stagnation
Soul’s MajestySturmgeistSylvan LibraryThe Gitrog MonsterTime Reversal
Time SpiralTolarian WindsTreasure CruiseVisions of BeyondWhispering Madness

Okay, that’s 41 cards and we can’t possibly play all of them. One clear cut is to take out all the cards dependent on creatures, because we want be running that many of them. I’ll definitely keep all the creatures though, because they are a good constant source of both cards and mana, although they’ll probably die pretty fast.

Finally, we should probably figure out what to do with all this.

So, we’re drawing a lot of cards. Here’s some ideas on what to do with that:

Laboratory ManiacPsychosis Crawler

Since we’re making plenty of mana, we can use that as well:

Kruphix, God of HorizonsOmnath, Locus of ManaHelix Pinnacle

Throw in some ramp, some removal and lands and done.

commanders (2)
creatures (18)
artifacts (16)
spells (24)
lands (40)

Okay, many things feel off here, so let’s call this a “first draft”. The manabase is awkward and the curve seems horrendous. Its quite different and therefore pretty difficult to ascertain simply by reading through it, as well.

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