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Once again it’s time for the annual #mapvember! In essence #mapvember was started by Miska Fredman. It is challenge to create one map per day for the whole November. I clearly forgot this but will still try to spend this month with maps in mind.

I actually was almost on time since I found the Dungeon Builder Kickstarter last week. I posted in on our forum and downloaded the demo. But since it was weekend I kind of forgot all about it. Until yesterday evening when I spotted a new map at Miska’s Instagram. With that in mind I woke up and tried to Dungeon Builder demo and this is what I was able to produce in five minutes:

#mapvember 3/31

#mapvember 3/31

I was pretty amazed by the quality of the Dungeon Builder. It is only a demo and is still lacking some features. But still I was able to create a solid dungeon. And as said it only took about five minutes.

The program works in 2d even though it resembles 3d (like original UFO: Enemy Unknown for example). It uses premade elements and layers and is intuitive. At the moment there isn’t an option to export the map so I did it with screen capture. But since that is the biggest problem I encountered I have no problem recommending to try out the demo.

The pricetag for the actual program is still a bit high. Kickstarter is running until the end of this month and is already funded. So hopefully a lot of those stretch goals might be achieved. Even so it is already an almost complete product for those wanting a more visual mapping option for dungeons. I admit it is nothing new but with even with the working demo I’d rate this in the top tier of similar applications.

Though I suspect that the timing of the kickstarter is coincidental it runs perfectly with #mapvember. There is still 29 maps to draw (counting this day). If you would like to join in but want to do with ease, the Dungeon Builder demo gets those maps ready in no time!

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  1. It seems I was a bit hasty. #mapvember starts next month. :D Sorry about all the confusion but hey! If you (like me) already started on drawing maps it’s never a bad thing!

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