My Favorite Decks from Mythic Championship I

A lot of Sultai Midrange, Monoblue, Nexus variants and Monowhite, but let’s take a little deeper look, shall we?

Starting with Merfolk. Yes, Merfolk. Actually, Raphael Levy seems to have been the only player with the deck, but he did an excellent 8-2 in his 100th Pr… Mythic Championship.

I’ve tried Emma Handy’s grindier build before, but this felt much better in the current meta.

Dimir is my favorite guild and I saw it in two different forms. Both very much in the midrange, but still very different.

Some very interesting choices there, such as Mesmerising Benthid. Seth Manfield had a very different take:

How about Vampires? In Mardu form. This one has some cards I didn’t exactly expect to see in Standard, but here we are. Joe Soh has had very interesting decks in the past as well. You should keep an eye on him if different competitive brews are your thing.

Here’s another interesting concoction. Gutterbones and Pelt Collector already seem somewhat… ambitious, but then there’s also Goblin Chainwhirler in the same deck. What’s the key? They are all Warriors, so you can play them with Unclaimed Territory. This all feels risky, but this is a Frank Karsten creation and if there’s someone who’s done the math, it’s him.

This take on Rakdos also seems quite interesting:

Gruul smash.

Actually, there’s a surprising amount of play here with all the combat tricks, Growth-Chamber Guardian and Dire Fleet Daredevil. It isn’t quite straight-forward, but it does also smash quite well.

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