Khans of Tarkir and Morph

Since I always stay within BUG-colors in EDH, I’m apparently of the clan Sultai.


Since WotC announced Morph is going to be back, and each clan is going to have its own mechanic, I’m pretty sure Morph is going to be my mechanic. I think it would fit this color combination the best, although I could see it as the Jeskai-mechanic (RUW, who apparently admire the cunning of dragons). Although it was not tied to blue in any way during its stay back in the day, it feels very blue to me and these are the two clans that have blue in them.


At this point, I’m pretty disappointed. Were there really people out there clamoring for Morph? I guess so. If everyone else gets a cool new mechanic, and I’d be stuck with an old one, I wouldn’t be happy. Kind of a letdown. I mean, if they wouldn’t reuse mechanics for guilds, why would they do the same for clans? Seems like they have forgotten some of their own lessons.

Since this is the first set of a block, that means MaRo himself is the lead designer. I wonder why he would do this? Do they really have that many new ideas on how to use it? Hopefully.

I thought flip cards and transmuters were an attempt at correcting the Morph-mechanic, but apparently not so. Actually, if I had been more observant with the Storm Scale, I would have noticed Morph being a 3, making its return probable. Since the game is going to live on for quite a while still, ‘probable’ will turn into ‘yes’ at some point, since there are limits to the design space of the game.

Of course, right now I’m thinking about this from the perspective of a EDH player, when the design is thinking about this from the perspective of a Standard, and limited players. This is probably a bit problematic, since the three colored legendary creatures are going to hold much of the imagination of the players at this point, and that’s clearly because there’s so much demand for these as Commanders. I mean, no matter what the BUG, I mean Sultai, khan is going to be like, I am going to try to build a deck around him or her. I can’t be the only one thinking like this.

I should have more trust in MaRo on this. Perhaps Morph isn’t even a clan mechanic. There’s also a strong chance we aren’t getting all clans at the same time, but I can’t imagine how they would do the small set if they only put one or two clans in it.

One thought on “Khans of Tarkir and Morph

  1. “Each clan gets their own mechanic” and “plus morph is back” might mean that morph is another additional mechanic. But likely it means that each clan gets and “old” mechanic that they use. Exalted, battalion, convoke and +1?

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