My Favorite Shadows Over Innistrad Cards (Top 10) – A Preliminary Version

Since we’re still missing the second set and I haven’t been able to play with very many of the cards yet, I can’t really do this list yet, but at the same time, I keep thinking about this. A lot. Way too much, in fact. So, to purge it (or [scryfall]Angelic Purge[/scryfall] it, if you will) from my mind, I’ll just make this list now and just make an updated one when I’m ready for the real list.

As usual, these aren’t necessarily the best cards in the set, but rather cards I like for various reason. Maybe the gameplay is interesting, or they have nice flavor, or they just have a weird drawback that appeals to me. These are also my personal favorites, so certain color are going to be over-represented. Also, there’s more flavor-based favorites than other sets, as well.

10. [scryfall]Macabre Waltz[/scryfall]

Its just a reprint, but what’s not to love? It shows a playful side of Liliana on the art, even though the playfulness is very grim and cold. Its gameplay is nice as well. I won a game at GP Barcelona by casting this without any targets, just to discard [scryfall]Avacyn’s Judgment[/scryfall] with the Madness cost.

9. [scryfall]Daring Sleuth[/scryfall] // [scryfall]Bearer of Overwhelming Truths[/scryfall]

Okay, so this guy stumbled on something weird, but apparently this is the one guy who didn’t go insane, but rather took on the responsibility of saving the world. He learns Prowess, so he’s clearly more resourceful than before and he’s doing his best to uncover even deeper truths.

8. [scryfall]Nahiri, the Harbinger[/scryfall]

Planeswalkers don’t generally make the cut on these lists, but since Nahiri is so weird, but deceptively powerful, I like it the most of the four. I do like Arlinn Kord as well for similar reasons, but Nahiri just seems better. Its the on rare card that’s on the list for being powerful.

7. [scryfall]Twins of Maurer Estate[/scryfall]

Sorry, Twins out there, but you are sort of creepy by nature. This card takes full benefit of that. Of course, Shining instilled a fear of two little twin girls in all of us…

Although, these two are quite cute.

Its not only about the creepiness either, but its also how these are very powerful vampires, even if they seem small and harmless. Just playing them is cool as well. Sac my [scryfall]Insolate Neonate[/scryfall] to play this to block pretty much any creature in the format beneficially.

6. [scryfall]Forgotten Creation[/scryfall]

The ability should be seen as an opportunity, not a threat. It feeds delirium and just been able to dump those few extra lands in your hand is great. Really great.

5. [scryfall]Duskwatch Recruiter[/scryfall] // [scryfall]Krallenhorde Howler[/scryfall]

I liked it enough to write a whole article about playing it.

4. [scryfall]Traverse the Ulvenwald[/scryfall]

Its a very efficient card. One mana tutors are very rare. Even back in the day, you had to pay an extra card for tutoring a creature by having to put it on the top of your library (see [scryfall]Wordly Tutor[/scryfall], which was, of course, instant speed). You do have to jump through some loops to be able to get a creature or that elusive nonbasic land you need with this, but that just makes this that much more fun to play and design around.

3. [scryfall]Welcome to the Fold[/scryfall]

If you don’t see how fun this is, your toughness is probably too high.

Okay, normally its not that good, but with the Madness, its just great. You can blow out your opponent at awkward moments by stealing their best creature in the middle of their alpha strike. I don’t usually like these cards (although I do see their value), but this one feels special. And creepy.

2. [scryfall]Brain in a Jar[/scryfall]

At least the Johnny in me is paying attention. The potential is definitely there. Its not as nice and easy to use as [scryfall]Aether Vial[/scryfall], but that is clearly broken. You need to jump through many hoops to make this work, but a real deck builder wants to at least try it out. There’s just so many things you want to play for cheap and maybe also on opponents end step.

I’m thinking [scryfall]Rise from the Tides[/scryfall] with ten or so instants and sorceries in the graveyard.

1. [scryfall]The Gitrog Monster[/scryfall]

I wrote a full EDH list on the day this was spoiled. I missed plenty of good cards to (ab)use with it on that first run (like [scryfall]Dakmor Salvage[/scryfall]), but the fact that it inspired me to write the whole list immediately is noteworthy in itself.

I haven’t read the short story on it, but just look at the art. Its great. The abilities are weird, but fun. Of course, saccing a land each turn might feel bad, but as you get to draw a card for it, its not bad. And you get to play all sorts of other shenanigans to draw even more cards. Assuming your shenanigans are doing something else as well, the card draw as a bonus is great as well.

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