Playing Weenie in EDH (Monoblue Sygg)

I’ve been playing with a Sygg, River Cutthroat deck lately. I have a tendency to change my decks quite often, but I just wanted to play a weenie strategy after not doing so for a while. This isn’t as good as the Edric, Spymaster of Trest, but there’s also the point of not being overbearing. Edric will just win most of the games, even if the other players combine their forces from the beginning. Edric just happens to be so fast.

So, if winning is your only goal, use Edric (this deck didn’t not win once during its lifetime). Otherwise read on.

Sygg isn’t an actual weenie deck. Sure, it has its share of small creatures, but it isn’t actually a beatdown deck. Edric is a beatdown deck. You want to be able to draw those cards and play as many of them as possible. With Sygg, you’re basically trying to stay alive until there are only two players left and then take over the game with the control and tempo elements of you deck.

Here’s my list.

The deck doesn’t have many lands, so you need to get Sygg and some other creature out early to be able to draw some cards, but the point is not to overdo it. You don’t want to seem like a threat. You want the others to beat each other, but also, you need to be ready to take over when the time comes.

Of course, this doesn’t work most of the time. However, this deck just doesn’t pack the punch to take over the game over multiple opponents, so you just have to wish your opponents are going to be busy with each other while you deal a little damage with an evasive creature to draw some cards. Of course, you can always get some goodwill by countering stuff strategically, since you have plenty of counterspells, but just remember to be ready. Aetherize is probably your best option, but Cyclonic Rift will also work, if you have enough lands ready.

Its a fun deck, if this is the kind of deck you like. However, in a world of battlecruisers and broken combos, its going to be quickly outclassed, if you try to play on the same level.

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