Khans of Tarkir Brews, pt. 4 – Now With Full Set

No general theme here, just some decks.

Jeskai Ascendancy


I already used each of the other ascendancies to build around, so why not this one. If nothing else, it will make creature combat even more awkward, although that’s not as important in constructed as its in limited. Still, the format is going to change and it will move into more creature focused, as removal is not as strong now as it was in the last (or, as of this writing, current) standard.

So, what we need is plenty of creatures with Prowess (although that’s not that important) and a few spells to trigger it. Gladly, we have plenty of tricks from Theros.

This deck suffers somewhat from awkward mana. Moving from straight-up three colors into two colors and a splash, or one color and two splashes would help, but I don’t really know how to do that.

Mardu Tokens


Purphoros, God of the Forge isn’t going anywhere (yet), so lets try to abuse he’s ability.

Jund Tokens


There might be more play in this version, because black-green seems to have a couple of great token generators. Also, Meandering Towershell.

Secret Plans


Don’t know if its good, but who wouldn’t want to try? This one is going to be more of a blend of clans. Lots of stuff with interesting abilities, which is going to put your opponent on the back foot. You could make a really different blend also. Probably even more so after the next set.

Again, mana is going to be awkward, but Rattleclaw Mystic can gladly produce two colors of mana you need (and you don’t need green to cast or turn it face up) and Ruthless Ripper doesn’t necessarily need any colored mana.

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