EDH Deck Time – Grazilaxx

Note: I know that as of this writing the plugin that handles the card images is down, but I will try to fix when I have the time. Sorry about that.

Well, this is my kind of commander.

Actually, I would like to like this commander, but it’s not that simple. Players get frustrated over various things and for some reason returning creatures to their hand is a trigger for many, no matter how illogical that is. With that in mind, let’s bounce a lot of creatures. Also, counter a lot of spells, another fan favorite, but there just isn’t much more blue can do in terms of interaction. Also, we want advantage from bouncing our own creatures, so ETB effects should be great here. These work best when coinciding with some sort of evasion, so we have that as well, which leads me to adding all the ninjas I can.

Starting with bouncing.

Also, let’s bounce some of our creatures.

Actually, the ninjas also do pretty much the same thing.

An assortment of other ETB effects.

One random unblockable creature.

Various forms of interaction.

One piece of ramp. Yeah, it would be better to have more, but I do think it’s better to remain lowkey with this deck.

Just a little bit of extra card draw (and make people think about using their sweepers)

That leaves room for 40 lands, which is quite high if you can get the draw train of our commander to work, but if you can’t then you need those lands to keep going. The deck can be quite manahungry depending on how the games go. If you have to or get to recast your spells often, no amount of mana will ever be enough, but that’s a positive problem.

One problem with the deck is that you might end up in a situation where your early drops can’t be cast due to their extra requirements, so be careful with that when thinking about mulligans.

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