Getting Back to Painting


Once upon a time I was an active Warhammer Fantasy Battle player and even more active with painting and converting minis. I have been away from the hobby for a couple of years and with the new Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay campaign ahead I decided to do some minis for the game.

What did not surprise me when I went to get new paints was that they were in fact new. Out with the shades and familiar names, in with a completely new range of colors and types of paints. Though they are again named with overcomplicated names they were not too different from what I had used to deal with.

Base colors are apparently what was called Foundation a couple of years ago and Shades have replaced Washes. Regular colors are now called Layers and then there are couple of new comers (at least for me).Dry paints are aimed for dry brushing and Edge paints “give final sharp highlight”. Glaze seems to be a category for colors that can be used as Shades but they intensify the colors? Then there are Textures for the bases and group of interesting paints called Technical.

This last category includes paints that aim for a certain special effect. These effects are usually relatively easy to accomplish without the need of this kind of special paint but as I am a bit lazy when it comes to painting they have been alluring me.

I bought quite a lot of these new paints from various categories to test them out. I have the Liquid Greenstuff that I have been itching to use. Imperial Primer I got from a “introduction kit” that was sold at -50%. That I did try out and the result can be seen below.


Imperial Primer by Games Workshop

The Imperial Primer was quite a surprise. It is supposedly used to tie in the colors more efficiently. It is a watery paint that flows into recesses and gives a peculiar shine to the mini. I have no idea why I would like to use this kind of primer instead of the Base colors that actually give some color to the mini.

I am sure that for a more serious painter it might mean a world of difference (though I doubt that). But for a casual painter like me it isn’t really worth it. I even tried to use it as a shade/wash but somehow it avoided the recesses that were painted.

Nevertheless I am pretty excited to try out this new paints and get some NPCs painted for our campaign. Maybe not as excited as I am for [scryfall]Kiora, the Crashing Wave[/scryfall] but excited anyway.

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