Dragons of Tarkir Brews, pt. 6 – Break Through the Line

There’s an oft-forgotten little gem in Fated Reforged: Break Through the Line.

There’s plenty of creatures in red with low power, that can potentially hit very hard.

Borderland MarauderCrater ElementalDragon WhispererEidolon of the Great RevelFoundry Street Denizen
Goblin RabblemasterLightning BerserkerProphetic FlamespeakerZurgo Bellstriker

Hey, leaving out Crater Elemental, which seems like a bit of a reach, that’s a nice curve. Twelve one-drops, twelve two-drops and eight three-drops. Actually, I’m not sure I want quite that. After all, we can’t fully take advantage of Foundry Street Denizen’s ability and I’d like to play Dragon Mantle. Also, even if the curve is low, we won’t be having problems with where to put our mana.

No burn or removal. That’s pretty all-in, but this is the way I’d start testing the deck. Not sure I’d want all the Nykthoses, but a few would be nice.

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